What’s It Like Having Your Ex As a Boss?

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Your ex and your boss are two people in your life who will define hell with clarity. That day when you find that your ex is your boss is going to be disastrous as the ex will leave no chances to undermine you. He/she will find every moment to blow things out of proportions and promotions are out of the league. What makes the situation worse is when this job is important and life-saving or you have invested a lot of time at this job. If you agree with all that, this is the perfect article to find a number of solutions.

How to Avoid Being an Ex

Breakups heighten a lot of negative emotions and you cannot seem to find anything positive in this. First of all, you must learn to call off relationships after meeting on a dating service at a positive note. This will help you in maintaining a healthy relationship with this person later on. This seems impossible but look through the following list:

1. During or after your break up try to have a conversation with your partner explaining your reasons. This will help in clearing away any misunderstanding that your partner from a dating site is carrying with himself/herself.

2. Listen to your partner whom you met online too and understand his/her point of view. Everyone is a human and they are entitled to make mistakes. The best you can do to get peace is to accept and move on and find someone else on the online dating service.

3. Avoid speaking about your partner with your friends or with his/her friends. This will definitely come back to you on your chat messages on the online dating site. You can take out all your anger in a journal where you can write your heart out.

4. Whenever you meet your ex, do not avoid him/her directly. A gentle greeting will not hurt you or his/her feelings.

5. Do not write random messages to your ex after partying or in anger. It is even better to delete their contact to avoid such incidents and find a woman online using online dating

It is definitely a difficult time for you but you have been through worse and he/she cannot come in between you and your career. Acting professional in front of your ex is the best thing you can do. Do the same as you would with any other boss. Let us go through some incidents that might happen when you meet your ex as boss and how to avoid any negative moments:

1. He/she never seems to like your work

This is the most common problem that failed couples always complain of after their ex becomes their boss. You might do it in the best way but the boss is just not satisfied with your work. You must remember one thing even if the boss doesn’t appreciate you, he/she has no right to fire you when you didn’t do anything wrong. They have to show proof. It is often very stressful when you have attended a meeting or any host an event with the boss.

Solution: Just continue your breathing exercises and know that he/she cannot fire you unless you did something entirely wrong. Also, there is an office protocol to follow not only for you but also for him/her. Lastly, do not expect any words of appreciation keeping in mind the past history.

2. No promotion

This becomes quite obvious because the ex is trying to punish you for what you did to him/her. Whatever you try, whether it’s extra hours, getting deals done- nothing pushes the boss to get you a promotion.

Solution: If you were expecting a promotion and suddenly the boss changed and they decided to not give you the promotion, you have the right to ask the reason. It is better to send an official email written professionally. Do not go for a personal argument because there will be no use. Also, if you prove that your ex is purposefully doing this to you, you can gather all that information and take legal action against him/her.

3. Reminding what you did

Your ex will never leave a chance to remind you of your mistakes in the office and how you have never changed since you were dating. Exes tend to show their superiority and try to show how important he/she was in your life and that by breaking up, you did a huge mistake.

Solution: Since he/she is the boss, you cannot stop him/her from saying all these things. If things get too far (going to intimate details), you can again file an official complaint but with proof (maybe a video proof). Before that, you can try to have a calm talk (just the two of you) and explain to him/her that your reputation is being ruined and how important this job is to you.

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