Why Weddings Are So Stressful For Couples?

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A wedding is a big event and also one of the most iconic one-time moments in your life. That is why people spend millions trying to plan the perfect wedding. This, in turn, puts a lot of pressure on the couples and their respective families. A recent study has shown that about 13% of engagements do not end up in marriage and 6 out of 10 couples seriously consider eloping rather than getting married. Here you will learn some of the reasons why they consider this “the most important moment” stressful and a few ways to vanquish it. Weddings are supposed to be bliss, not torture.

Reasons Behind Stress and Ways to Deal With Them

Many couples always give priority to the guests rather than themselves. This raises a lot of issues which then leads to arguments. Let us go through some of the leading reasons:

1. It is time to commit

The wedding embarks the phase of mature adults and you have to leave your childish moments behind. You must not make this decision in the spur of the moment because you will not get the choice of backing out any time you want as you could while dating on a dating service.

How to deal: First of all, you must know if he is she is the right person. If you have been through the bad and the good times as a couple on a dating site, you will definitely make a happily married couple. Also, remember that fights are a part of any relationship (not only within husband and wife). Try to find solutions, not arguing about the problem.

2. Overwhelming Choices

Weddings are all about planning and choosing between this and that. Whether it is the wedding dress, the venue, making the guest list, the suit for the groom or even the flower decoration- everything has to be chosen by you. You can get caught in the tyranny of choices. This leads to confusion and arguments. Once you are done with one thing, it is straight to the next one.

How to deal: Hard choices have to be made so you have to straighten your priorities. You can sort things based on what is popular or what is cheap. That way many things are already canceled. Also, make it a point to take the decision together (both bride and groom). Hiring a planner is another great option here as they can decrease your tension by half. Wedding planning demands timed to-do lists and no big surprises.

3. Unbearable expenses

On average, about $45000 is spent in a traditional marriage. This price seems to be increasing every year. The unbearable expenses for the venue, the dress, and other things might also put a strain on the relationship which was formed by online dating. About 90% of couples spend from their own pockets and do not depend on their parents.

How to deal: Do not plan an extravagant wedding when you do not have that kind of budget. Once you decide you want to get married after being with single women on an online dating site, both of you should be transparent about finances and contributions. Be clear with your partner about how much money to spend (there is nothing to be ashamed of).

4. Worrying about everything

It is only natural to worry because weddings happen once (sometimes more). The smallest deviations from plan cause havoc in your mind. When you don’t get something as planned, it creates a stressful situation since you want this day to be perfect. The actual day brings a lot of stress. If something goes wrong, you feel like all those efforts in planning were useless.

How to deal: Worrying can be individualistic and you might not know when you used the online dating service. You do not find a woman online based on their worrying traits but these things come out later. Some people worry more and others might not even care. If you belong to the former, then making detailed lists or hiring a professional can help. Some of the great stress busters are music, running or hitting the gym. Just remember that you have accepted certain changes from the plan because you will be surrounded by human beings who are imperfect.

6. Stress affects health

Stress should not be taken lightly as it can lead to many serious mental conditions. About 86% of the 500 couples who were surveyed by ZolaWeddings said that they have insomnia, anxiety attacks, mood swings, somatoform autonomic disorders, flushing, increased sweating, or reduced libido. These were extreme cases. But even the happy couples often suffered from headaches, hair fall, skin hypersensitivity or pimple breakouts.

How to deal: Practice deep breathing exercises or yoga. These stretching exercises can help your mind and body fight the stress. Whatever you do, you will definitely meet one or two such stressful situations and come up with a solution.

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